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 Global Pest Solutions®

        Riverside County  • San Bernardino County 
          North Orange County    


"From antennae to whiskers..What's Buggin' you?"
              NO CONTRACTS • ALL WORK GUARANTEED           

Thank you so much for visiting our site!  We know that you have so many choices for pest control and we are happy that you have stopped by.  Our goal at Global Pest Solutions is not only to provide the best service possible but also to educate our customer in order for you to make the best  decisions for your home.  Global Pest Solutions has been providing quality pest control, exterminator and humane wildlife services for Riverside County for over 16 years.  
If you are still deciding, please visit page our Riverside, CA Yelp page to see what people are saying about Global Pest Solutions!

Our Services:

Customer Testimonial Of The Month:

We decided to use Global Pest because we saw great reviews on yahoo.  The technician, Craig, came to our house on time on Sat and asked us what problem we are experiencing.   He then also mentioned what he was going to help us.  My husband and I really like to learn and also appreciate when people take their times to share their knowledge.  In addition, we know what we should expect and what we are paying for.   Since we have birds nesting in our roof, we also asked Craig to take care of it.   It is not cheap but it is supposed to last for a long long time.   Overall, we are very happy with their service.  They really make us feel they are the people who really stand behind their works and they will go out of their way to fix problems for you.

- Kim K., Corona CA

We are licensed with the following agencies:
Structural Pest Control Board -www.pestboard.ca.gov - license # PR 6032

California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife - http://www.dfg.ca.gov/ - license #905123-03
Texas Dept. of Agriculture - www.texasagriculture.gov -License #0689400

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