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Bed Bugs

Growing up we all heard or said "Good night, don't let the bed bugs bite."  Most of us had no clue what that even meant or what, if anything was a bed bug.  Amazingly with the advancement of pesticides over the past 50 years, bed bugs were nearly eradicated.  It has been only in the last 5 years that we have seen a major resurgence. As if that wasn't enough, research has shown that bed bug strains showing a resistance to traditional insecticides are now widespread throughout the United States! 


You cannot just "get" bed bugs.  They have to be brought into your home.  So what is your first clue that you have brought bed bugs home in your luggage after a trip, or on a piece of furniture that you bought at a garage sale?  Most commonly a person will got to bed feeling fine but wake up in the morning with itching bites.

Although bites might be one way to identify a bed bug infestation, some people may not have a reaction to the bites and the infestation can go undetected until the bed bug population explodes.  If you think you may have bed bugs, here are some helpful tips on where to inspect for them in your home:  

Where to look for bed bugs, molted skins and fecal spots:

  • Along mattress seams, in the tufts and under the mattress tags
  • Behind the headboard
  • Inside the holes for set in screws
  • Along wood creases in the box springs or in bed frames
  • Where the box spring fabric is stapled to the wood frame
  • Behind loose wallpaper
  • Behind chipped paint
  • Under the base of the air conditioner
  • Beneath the wood framing that holds the bar in the closet
  • Along the interior frame of closet doors
  • Behind baseboards
  • Inside the baseboard heaters
  • Inside curtain rods, and on the curtains near the top where they are pleated
  • In personal belongings, including books, stuffed animals, picture frames, etc.
  • Electrical outlets   


Global Pest Solutions is up to date on the newest bed bug technology.  We offer multiple ways to eliminate your bed bug infestation including Thermal Remediation.  Thermal Remediation or heat treatment is the process of heating your home to temperatures above 140º in order to completely eradicate all the bed bugs and their eggs.  Take a second and watch our video on Thermal Remediation:

Rooms at achieved temperatures of over 140º
Live Bed Bugs in an Apartment
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