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Ground Squirrels

The California ground squirrel is the most serious native rodent pest problem in California.  Ground squirrels prefer open space but are highly adaptable to disturbed environments.  Ground squirrels are essentially herbivores but insects sometimes make up a very small portion of their diet.  All species of ground squirrels dig burrows for shelter and safety.  The burrow systems are occupied year after year and are extended in length and complexity each year.  Each system has numerous entrances which are always left open and never plugged.  Breeding dates vary.  The litter size averages about seven babies.  The rodents’ relatively slow annual reproductive rate is compensated by a life span of 4 – 5 years.

The burrowing activities of ground squirrels weaken levees, ditch banks, earthen dams and undermine roadways and buildings.  Burrows can also result in loss of irrigation water by unwanted diversions.  Tunnel entrances in school playgrounds, parks and recreational areas are responsible for debilitating falls, occasionally resulting in sprained or broken ankles or limbs.  Please contact Global Pest Solutions for further questions or for help with your squirrel concerns.

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