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Pocket Gophers

Pocket Gophers- Pocket gophers are burrowing rodents, named because they have fur lined pouches outside of their mouth, one on each side of their face.  These pockets are used for carrying food.  For pocket gophers sight and sound are severely limited so they are highly dependent on their sense of touch.  Their whiskers on their face and the hair on their tails serve as a sensory mechanism guiding the gophers forward and backward.  Pocket gophers range from 5 to nearly 14 inches in length.

Pocket gophers diet consists mainly of plants, roots, worms and grubs that they encounter while digging.  Occasionally they will venture to the surface for food but will stay close to their tunnel opening.  Typically there is only one gopher per burrow system.  A single burrow system may contain up to 200 yards of tunnels.  The rate or mound building is highly variable; estimates include an average of 1 to 3 per day up to 70 mounds per month.  Pocket gophers do not hibernate.  Pocket Gophers may have up to 2 litters per year.  Litter sizes range from 1 - 10 but the average is 3 – 4.  Damage caused by gophers includes, but not limited to : destruction of underground utility cables and irrigation pipes, direct consumption and smothering of foliage by earthen mounds, root damage, root exposure and more.  Please feel free to contact Global Pest Solutions for any of your gopher concerns.  We have 12 years of gopher trapping and removal/control experience and can handle any situation, from residential, agricultural to commercial.
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